Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chirp, Chirp, Chirp…

I can always tell that spring has arrived when I no longer need an alarm clock because I am awoken by the sweet melody of singing birds. This just may be the best part of spring!  I currently have a single birdhouse in my backyard but I have been wanting to add additional houses to offer different food and attract a variety of birds. I want the house to be a comfortable rest stop for the birds but I also need it to conform to the rest of the backyard. After some thought and research I realized that if I add some succulents to a neutral birdhouse it could create just the look I was going for!

I always prefer to roll my sleeves up and get a little dirty if I have the possibility of getting the results I can’t find anywhere else so I’m deciding to build the birdhouse myself. Here are some of my inspirations:

I love the idea to including the Burrito Sedum in this collection so that as it grows it will trail down the top of the house. 

Maybe starting off small like this petite birdhouse may be the way to go!

This unique birdhouse caught my eye however I would want to fill it with only succulents, no other foliage. 

Hopefully I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew. Get inspired and build your own. There are so many different varieties of succulent out there that I am sure you will find some that fit your style. 
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Succulent Wreaths for Fall

Despite what my mother says, I have never been the creative child in the family. That role always fell to my older sister. She makes all her own centerpieces and wreaths for all the different seasons and holidays. For Christmas one year she made me a wreath and it was beautiful.

After living with my sister for years I learned that wreaths are not just for Christmas but can be hung year around and make the appearance of your front door very welcoming to guests. While looking into making my own wreaths I came across living wreaths. I really loved the idea of having a living wreath and the wonderful scents that come with it.

After doing some research on the ease of making a wreath as well as longevity of the wreath I settled on succulents. There are so many varieties to choose from and they last for so long with very minimal maintenance. Succulents are also easy to find and you can buy cuttings of particular succulents you like as opposed to buying the whole plant.

These are some of the cuttings I have found online that I really loved and would like to incorporate into my fall wreath. 

I liked the look and density of this wreath as well as the bursts of color.

I also liked this one because of the color and the little tendril type cuttings that are coming off of it. The oranges, reds, and pinks are beautiful and would make for a great fall wreath. I have a green front door and I think this one would really stand out.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tricks for your Halloween décor… enjoy your new treats!

Fall is blustering through October quicker than you can say… boo! As you start to unpack your old Halloween decorations have you thought about how you may possibly be able to spruce up some of the more dated decorations you've accumulated over the years? If you’re anything like me you get bored with the same decorations year after year; however you may not have the luxury to purchase all new décor. So what is a gal/or lad to do?

The key is to bring your old (possibly dull) decorations to life. Adding some plant life may just do the trick. 

Add succulents!

Not only do succulents have the ability to add pizzazz to your Halloween decor but they will last for the years to come.  Here are some ideas that I will be using this Halloween. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sempervivum Live Forever

Every once in a while, I will use this forum to cover one of my favorite succulents in detail. Today I chose to discuss one of the first succulents I was introduced to: Sempervivum.

Sempervivum is a Latin word, and when translated to English, it means Live Forever. Nice, right?!

Now, these succulents do not actually live forever. Sempervivums typically live for about 3 years. So how do they “live forever” then? The answer lies in propagation.

Sempervivum’s are succulent hen and chicks. For those who don’t know, the hen is the mother plant. The chicks are the offsets (cuttings) the mother plant produces around itself.

The first year of a Sempervivum’s life will not produce chicks. They need this time to develop good roots and hardiness.

The last couple of years during the Spring and Summer months, you can expect a Sempervivum hen to produce many chicks.

Take these chicks, gently remove them and their roots, and simply replant these into any porous soil media you see fit.

There are many types of Sempervivums, and you will notice different color variations based on factors such as maturity and sun exposure.

Some Sempervivums require you use a knife to cut off the offsets. Most of the time however, you can just simply remove the offsets using your hands.

When you notice a tallish stalk starting to grow from the center of the Sempervivum hen, it has one last bloom before it dies. I know, it’s sad, but all part of the circle of life.

While the Sempervivum’s mother plant you started with has come and gone, you can expect an endless supply of offsets in memoriam!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Featured Pick: Succulent terrarium from Amazon

Succulent Mini Globe

I absolutely love this design. Whether you hang or leave it standing, it makes any room burst with life.

The contrast between main plant and the background is very soothing to the eye. It's been described as many things, but the one I relate to most is Mini Dove. I just look at it and think of a Dove emerging from the glass.

This product highlights the Echeveria ’Domingo’, the whitish light blue rosette in the center, with the Crassula mucosa as the long green plant in the background.

Do to the size of the glass, mini globes can be slightly harder to work with but the end result is well worth the extra effort.

If you are interest in this design, check it out on our Amazon Succulent Store.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

9 to 5

As I sit and type this message I can’t help but notice my stark and cold office surroundings.  I’m surrounded by electronics (computer, cell phone, ipod) furniture, mounds of paperwork and somehow expect myself to get inspired enough to write.  We often get caught up in the functionality of our office space and forget about the importance of making our office an environment that brings us peace and happiness. So, what can we do to add some inspiration to our space?

Add some greenery! Add some life! Add some succulents!!

These little water hoarders provide you with an easy to take care of plant that need little sun however offers your office space tons of sunshiny goodness. Adding just a touch of green to your office can vastly improve the overall feel of the space. If you’re feeling underwhelmed by your current office I would challenge you to create a succulent arrangement all your own and bask in the power it has to change your space.

Here are a few inspirational ways that succulents have been used in offices. Enjoy! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Succulent cuttings at

Our cuttings category was designed for the DIY customer. As many people are just looking for a beautiful, thoughtful products to gift or use, many are simply looking for a unique selection of succulents to create their DIY projects. We have put together various sets of cuttings that often look and work well together for a multitude of designs.

If you are looking for a DIY project and you don’t see what you are looking for please feel free to contact us and let us know what you are looking for. If you are looking for a certain number or combination of plants we are happy to do our best to meet your needs! Cuttings are perfect for making your own terrarium designs, your own garden, or wreath. Succulents are hardy plants the need very little water so make a perfect addition to any garden.

Depending on the season, spring being the most optimal rooting season, the cuttings should sprout roots in about 2 weeks. Give them an additional couple of weeks the rest of the year, but have no fear, for they are hardy and determined! For more information or to order cuttings, please visit: